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The Blitz
The beginning of the blitz
Preperations for the Blitz
The beginning of the blitz
Life During the Blitz
Hope for the People
The Blitz Photo Gallery

The Blitz was a horrible 9 month ordeal for the people of London

The blitz began on September 7, 1940. The Germans attacked all day, bombing primarily the east docks of London. During the first few weeks of the blitz, the Germans attacked all day and destroyed many of the docks throughout London. The Royal Air Force of Britain counter-attacked the German planes, and gave them considerable losses in the strength of the German attacks. During one day, 56 bombers were shot down, and 679 fighters. These losses that were being inflicted upon the German Luftwaffe, forced the Germans to change their strategy. The Germans changed from the day attacks to attacks during the night. This signified a win for the British, because it forced the Germans to change their premeditated plan of attack.


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