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The Blitz
Preperations for the Blitz
The beginning of the blitz
Life During the Blitz
Hope for the People
The Blitz Photo Gallery

The Spirit of the Blitz

By Geoff Mueller

The London Blitz occurred during 1940-1941. It was a part of World War II, during the Battle of Britain. The Luftwaffe (German Air force) sent planes into Britain every night, and the Germans concentrated on the capital city of London. The attacks lasted for nine months and turned London into a dilapidated city.


During the blitz in London, the citizens had to go through a lot of trouble to attempt to live their normal lives. Things in London had changed for the worse, and the people had to adjust to the new lifestyle. This led to confusion and dismay; however, it gave the people of London a chance to develop a sense of resilience that no other city had ever seen and London took this opportunity head-on.

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